Sandy HullSandy Hull, NCTM
Piano Studio
Eugene, OR

Welcome to my piano studio

I have been teaching piano to all ages and levels for the past 26 years. I have a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from the University of Oregon and in 2009 received National Certification in Teaching Music (NCTM) from the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA).  I am also state certified to adjudicate for the Oregon Music Teachers Association (OMTA) Piano Syllabus Exams.  I continue to enjoy performing and accompanying when time permits.

My Teaching Goals/Philosophy

My main goal in teaching is to foster the musical skills and knowledge necessary so that all my students experience the joy of making beautiful music.  I want to help each student develop at their own pace and excel to the best of their abilities.  Private music lessons require flexibility and assistance by a trained teacher to set appropriate goals for each student.  I use a variety of teaching methods and supplemental materials including many styles of music to keep students motivated and encouraged to practice.

Performance Opportunities

Through my membership in the OMTA, students have many opportunities to perform throughout the year in many of the festivals offered.  They learn goal-setting skills by preparing for these festivals including thoroughly learning a piece and often being able to perform it by memory. This brings a feeling of accomplishment and pride.  I also encourage students to prepare for the OMTA Piano Syllabus exams that also help motivate them to a higher level of playing.

Spaces available for Fall 2019.  Call today to schedule a complimentary interview and evaluation for possible placement in my studio.